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INSTRUCTIONS for fitting Stickers Decals and Cut Vinyl lettering

Step 1
Step 2
Clean the surface with a dry cloth. Draw a vertical centre line and a horizontal guideline in the area where the letters will be placed. With the lettering face down, carefully peel the backing paper away from the transfer tape which holds the lettering.
Step 3
Step 4
Place the taped letters on the prepared surface, using your guidelines to position them correctly.

Lightly “squeegee” the lettering to force air bubbles from beneath them. Then “squeegee” more firmly to adhere the letters to the surface.

Step 5
Step 6
Squeegee from the centre of the image or lettering towards the corners in all directions ensuring a good flat bubble free end result Gently peel the transfer tape away, leaving the letters in place and creating a fully professional transformation in seconds.

All backing tape removed the design looks superb leaving just the image and letters in place.